Best Hotels In Tel Aviv

For all its modest size, Tel Aviv, the commercial and tech capital of Israel, still punches above its cultural weight. Distinctive neighborhoods including White City, where you’ll find the largest inventory of international-style buildings in the world, along with an extensive beachfront lend an engaging and easygoing atmosphere. This vitality is matched...
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Luxury Hotels In Vancouver

Vancouver has consistently topped quality-of-life rankings and travel bucket lists, making it one of the most coveted cities to visit. Its coastal topography of ocean and mountains, diverse food scene and scenic outdoor attractions make it a popular hub among affluent travelers. From contemporary-chic rooms to dreamy European-style suites, here...
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Best Things To Do In Frankfurt

Germany’s big financial centre is a city of many sides. The central business district, Bankenviertel, captures your attention right away and has all ten of the tallest skyscrapers in the country. Opposite that sci-fi cityscape is the Museumsufer, an entire neighbourhood of museums that could keep you fascinated and entertained...
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Luxury Hotels In Montreal

The Golden Square Mile of Montreal is where you’ll find high-end shopping, the city’s best art museums and galleries and an array of luxurious hotels. Like Montreal itself, these properties range from ultra-modern complexes with unparalleled views to historic 19th-century buildings brimming with charm. Read on to discover the finest...
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Best Things To Do In Montreal, Canada

The second largest French-speaking city in the world, Montreal is famed as a cosmopolitan hub of culture and international trade, with a rich colonial history. Montreal’s best attractions provide ample opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Here’s our list of the best things to do in Montreal that you won’t want...
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Best Hotels In Seattle

Seattle, on the West Coast of the US, may be home to big business such as Starbucks and Amazon, but it bristles with artistic flair and innovation. You can see it for yourself in this collection of the best hotels in Seattle here. Best Hotels In Seattle 1. The Four Seasons  Seattle’s...
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Best Things To Do In Seattle

Don’t let the cloudy skies deceive you: Setting a sunnier schedule of things to do in Seattle is easy to do—inside, outside, on the water, and in the sky. Set on the Puget Sound and just a stone's throw from Mt. Ranier, it's a paradise for active travelers and those simply...
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Best Hotels In Houston

From outdoor adventures in woodland acreage to renovated Art Deco buildings, treat yourself to spa days, high art, and luxury at nine of the best hotels in Houston. If you’ve ever tried to climb the narrow, marbled stairwell of a completely refurbished art deco building in four-inch heels, you’ll understand...
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