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Best Coffee Shops In Montreal

In a city where American and Canadian coffee chains are still perking up en masse (with a Tim Hortons at what feels like every corner), Montreal is bubbling up as a legitimate coffee destination, adding a well-deserved caffeinated notch to its "foodie destination" rep. A multicultural city that embraces its...
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Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

Here are the best coffee shops in Seattle, from the city's native juggernaut, Starbucks, to the most quaint, precious pour-over stands this side of the Cascades. Anyone seeking the latest, buzziest additions should check out the Seattle Coffee Heatmap (which features cafes that opened over the past six months), but this...
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Best Coffee Shops In Houston

Houston is a foodie’s dream, but it’s also a low-key caffeine-addict’s paradise. There are interesting, distinctive coffee shops all around the city and new ones are constantly popping up. It can be hard to decide where to get a perfect cup of Joe, latte or cold brew. But no more. This...
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Best Coffee Shops In Miami

Miamians love a good cup of coffee, whether it's a classic Cuban style cup or a cold craft brew in Wynwood. With cafes all around the city, knowing where to go when the caffeine craving strikes is key. Here are the best coffee shops in Miami for your consideration. Best...
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Best Coffee Shops In Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a hub of culture and history and is often ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world. In terms of its cafe scene, not many people know the variety of coffee shops scattered across the Eastern European city offering excellent espresso, and some delicious...
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Best Coffee Shops In Doha

Something has been brewing in Doha over the past couple of years. The city’s café scene has grown from the predictable chain outlets serving up super large, bland blends and free Wi-Fi to a full-blown, locally driven coffee culture. One of great things about the caffeine-inspired boom is that you can...