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Luxury Hotels In Vancouver

Vancouver has consistently topped quality-of-life rankings and travel bucket lists, making it one of the most coveted cities to visit. Its coastal topography of ocean and mountains, diverse food scene and scenic outdoor attractions make it a popular hub among affluent travelers. From contemporary-chic rooms to dreamy European-style suites, here...
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Foods & Drinks

Best Coffee Shops In Montreal

In a city where American and Canadian coffee chains are still perking up en masse (with a Tim Hortons at what feels like every corner), Montreal is bubbling up as a legitimate coffee destination, adding a well-deserved caffeinated notch to its "foodie destination" rep. A multicultural city that embraces its...
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Luxury Hotels In Montreal

The Golden Square Mile of Montreal is where you’ll find high-end shopping, the city’s best art museums and galleries and an array of luxurious hotels. Like Montreal itself, these properties range from ultra-modern complexes with unparalleled views to historic 19th-century buildings brimming with charm. Read on to discover the finest...
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Best Things To Do In Montreal, Canada

The second largest French-speaking city in the world, Montreal is famed as a cosmopolitan hub of culture and international trade, with a rich colonial history. Montreal’s best attractions provide ample opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Here’s our list of the best things to do in Montreal that you won’t want...