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The Best Clay Masks Of 2021

Before there were placenta-spiked sheet masks and at-home LED light machines, there was the humble clay mask. It majorly detoxified your pores, treating your breakouts and evening out pigmentation. Now we’re seeing a whole new wave of super-charged formulas. Whether it’s special blends of clay, plussed with acids, or combined with...
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Best Sunglasses Brands

Take your time when choosing a pair of sunglasses, they’ve been known to make or break a man, and pulling them off correctly could land you your own little slice of Steve McQueen cool. Here is our selection of the slickest sunglasses brands for men. And if these are slightly...
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Best Hair Colors For Men

You seldom see men coloring their hair, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Hair color is for everyone, and that includes you. Yes, you, the dude who’s buttoning up his polo and styling his hair with some wax to look smart and dapper at work. If you want to...