How To Invert A Picture On iPhone? Follow 3 Best Simple Methods

How To Invert A Picture On iPhone? It used to be a laborious operation requiring a dark room and a lot of chemicals to flip a photo’s colors. But even in today’s digital photography environment, the technique of color inversion can be scary. This post will show you how to quickly and efficiently flip an image on a tablet or phone. Additionally, you will discover the top photo inversion programs and learn the solutions to the most typical queries concerning the procedure. Read on for a step-by-step tutorial on How To Invert A Picture On iPhone

How To Invert A Picture On iPhone?

There are several fantastic photo-editing capabilities in iCloud Photos. However, one of them is not color inversion. Therefore, you will need to utilize a third-party tool if you wish to invert the colors on a single image.

Photoshop Express, Lightroom and PhotoDirector are three of the best photo-editing applications, not just for flipping colors but for everything you want to do with your photographs. Although premium plans are offered, both services are cost-free and simple to use. Additionally, the entire process varies depending on the app, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your needs. I’ll briefly demonstrate How To Invert A Picture On iPhones in 3 apps so you can pick the one that works best for you.

1. How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by using Photoshop Express?

The greatest iPhone app for flipping photographs’ colors is Photoshop Express. I’m aware of no other that has a dedicated option for inverting colors. Photoshop Express is undoubtedly the most trustworthy program in the App Store, however there may be others. By using a unique color-inverting filter, the software enables you to quickly flip your photos.

How To Invert A Picture On iPhone

Here’s How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by Photoshop Expess:

  • Turn on the Photoshop Express program.
  • Select the image you wish to reverse under Edit.
  • Select Basic from the Looks tab.
  • Tap Invert after moving to the right.
  • Select Save by tapping the Share icon in the top-right corner of your newly inverted photo.

I think that’s it. Your photo’s reversed counterpart has been saved to your Library. Repeat the procedure for as many images as you like.

2. How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by using Lightroom?

If you only need to rapidly reverse a few photographs, then Photoshop Express is definitely the best option. But you should really think about utilizing Lightroom instead if you want more flexibility and options.

Remember that Lightroom lacks an option to automatically invert your photographs, unlike Photoshop Express. To flip your photographs, you’ll have to fiddle with the Curves slider. Even though it’s less convenient, this method provides you more flexibility over how you want to edit your images because you can adjust the inversion, exposure, contrast, and other factors.

Here’s how to use Lightroom to invert the colors in your photos:

How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by using PhotoDirector

  • Activate Lightroom.
  • Upload the image you want to flip.
  • Click on Light > Curve.
  • Drag the bottom-left point of the Tone Curve to the top left and the top-right point to the bottom right.
  • To change exposure, contrast, etc., you can also experiment with different spots.
  • Tap the Share icon in the top-right corner and select Export to Camera Roll to save your freshly inverted photo.

I think that’s it. You now are aware of the two techniques I believe to be the most effective for flipping an image’s colors on an iPhone. Photoshop Express offers a quick and efficient solution, but Lightroom is definitely the better option if you want more control.

3. How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by using PhotoDirector

You may produce magnificent, unforgettable photographs for your entertainment and social media postings by quickly inverting colors in PhotoDirector. The user-friendly interface of PhotoDirector makes it simple to add high-quality inversion effects to any image on your device. This is How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by Photo Director:

How To Invert A Picture On iPhone by using PhotoDirector

  • First, download PhotoDirector, the best app for flipping a picture’s colors:

There are iOS and Android versions of PhotoDirector. To begin your free download right away, just enter “PhotoDirector” into the search bar on the App Store or Google Play. You can move on to the next steps after installing the app and granting it access to your photos.

  • Importing the image that requires inverted colors is step two:

Even while inverted color effects can give any image a distinct and special appearance, the most dramatic effects can be achieved when there are strong color contrasts. A black and white image, for instance, will exhibit the strongest color inversion effects. All other colors, meanwhile, change into the contrasting hue on the color wheel. Red turns green and yellow turns blue, for instance.

  • In step three, select “Invert” under “Effects.”

After uploading your photo, you can choose from a number of effect options. Watch as your photo’s hues become their inverted counterparts by tapping on “Effects” and selecting the “Invert” option. This little procedure simply needs a few seconds!

  • Edit the Inverted Area in Step 4.

You can adjust how your photo appears now that you’ve found the “Invert” effects option. Here is how PhotoDirector makes it simple to achieve your goals. Our convenient object choose tool can quickly identify people or animals.The inverted color region can be manually edited using the brush and eraser tools to place the effects exactly where you need them.Simply tap the right icon at the bottom to select other regions to reverse.

  • Save or share the image with the new color inversion effects in step five.

Simply save the image to your smartphone after you’re done. Additionally, you can distribute it via a variety of ways or upload it to social media.


Changing the color of an image is entertaining. You gain a deeper understanding of How To Invert A Picture On iPhone as well as portraits that are frequently humorous or even spooky. Contrary to appearances, inverting colors is a very basic editing method. The best part is that you can accomplish that without using pricey, complex software. You can use your iPhone instead of a computer, so you don’t even need one.