How to Connect Hearing Aids to iPhone Easily With 5 Steps

Surveys show that on average 1 every thirty million Americans over the age of 55 will have some degree of hearing loss, so talking on the phone becomes quite difficult and annoying. Fortunately, now nearly 80% of older adults are using smartphones in conjunction with hearing aids to improve sound quality. It also allows you to adjust your hearing aids more easily while using your phone. But how to connect hearing aids to iPhone? Read this article to learn how to pair, control, and troubleshoot with your iPhone.

Check hearing aids compatible with iPhone

First, make sure to check that your hearing aid is compatible with your iPhone. Most popular Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids will pair with an iPhone, but not all allow a direct connection. Apple works with leading hearing aid manufacturers to create “Made for iPhone” hearing aids. To use hearing aids for iPhone, you need iPhone 5 or later. Here, let’s go to the How to connect hearing aids to iPhone section right below.

How to connect hearing aids to iPhone

To pair a hearing aid with your iPhone, you need to perform the steps in the following order:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings on the home screen of your iPhone. In Settings, tap the Bluetooth category. The slider button must be clicked to activate Bluetooth. When it turns green, you now know that Bluetooth is on.
  • Step 2: Open the battery doors on your hearing aid. Next, open the settings on the phone again. Then tap the Accessibility icon.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to Hearing and select Hearing devices. Next Close the battery doors on your hearing aid.
  • Step 4: On the “Hearing Devices” screen, you will see the word “Search” next to the spinning wheel, indicating that your phone is searching for compatible hearing aids. When your device’s name appears on the screen, tap it.
  • Step 5: Tap Connect when prompted and wait up to one minute. Do not attempt to transmit sound or use hearing aids until the pairing process is finished. When the pairing is finished, you hear a series of beeps and tones, and a checkmark appears next to the hearing aid in the Devices list.
    Note that you only need to pair your devices once. Your hearing aids will then automatically reconnect to your iPhone whenever they turn on. Now you have learned how to connect hearing aids to iPhone, right?

How to connect hearing aids to iPhone

Using hearing aids with multiple devices

If you pair your hearing aid with more than one device (for example, both iPhone and iPad), the connection for your hearing aids will automatically switch from one device to another as you do the same. something makes a sound on the other device or when you receive a phone call on your iPhone. Changes you make to your hearing aid settings on one device are automatically sent to your other devices. Now you just need to sign in with your Apple ID on all devices and then Connect all devices to the same WiFi network.

If the hearing aid fails to pair with iPhone

If you’re having trouble successfully pairing your device, try these troubleshooting steps. Not all hearing aids are designed to work with the iPhone. Additionally, it’s crucial to have an iOS device that can support your hearing aid in addition to making sure it is iPhone compatible. The first thing to undertake is a three-fold compatibility check. You may need to refer to your hearing aid’s handbook to understand how to put your device into sleep mode if you have an iPhone-compatible hearing aid that is not an MFI hearing aid. coupling strength.

Software updates

Step 1: From the main screen, go to Settings.
Step 2: Select “General” by swiping it down.
Step 3: Select “Software Update”. Any available updates will appear on this screen.

If the hearing aid fails to pair with iPhone

Checking connection

Step 1: Put your phone screen to sleep by tapping the button on the right or top of the phone, depending on the model.
Step 2: Wait for five seconds then press the button again.
Step 3: Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen (iPhone X and later) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen (older models) to open the control center.
Step 4: If your device is connected, you will see a name next to “AirDrop”.
Step 5: If you don’t see your device name here, try going to “Settings” and tapping on “Bluetooth”. Wait a few seconds on this screen. Then check the control center again.

To sum up, Today we showed you how to connect hearing aids to iPhone easily and quickly. Hope you follow our instructions for a successful connection. If you have any questions or can’t connect, leave a comment to let us know!

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