Compare iPhone 11 vs 13- Is It Worth The Upgrade ?

The current iPhone 13 has been officially sold with many bright improvements in configuration, design, battery, and much more. At the same time, this is also when the iPhone 11 has been 2 years old. Let’s compare iPhone 11 vs 13 to see if there is any difference between these two phones two generations apart from Apple.

Compare iPhone 11 vs 13: What’s the difference between the two?

After waiting for iFans for a long time, Apple finally launched the iPhone 13 trump card this year with many notable innovations. Although this is an undeniably super product, many iPhone 11 users are wondering whether to upgrade or not. Let’s see which is a reasonable choice for you in the article comparing iPhone 11 vs 13 below.

1. Design and color of iPhone 11 vs 13

Because iPhone 13 was released after 2 years, of course, there will also be certain differences in the appearance of the iPhone 11. First of all, the phone notch has been reduced by 20% in size, helping to increase the size. area displayed on the screen. Like last year’s predecessor iPhone 12, iPhone 13 also owns a layer of high-class Ceramic Shield protective glass. This helps the smartphone limit damage and cracking caused by accidental drops and collisions that are 4 times stronger than the tempered glass previously present on the iPhone 11 series.

 iPhone 11 vs 13

Moreover, the bezel on the iPhone 13 is also made of a flat beveled structure similar to the iPhone 12. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 has a softly curved border on both sides. Therefore, in my opinion, this year’s latest iPhone version has a more classy and luxurious appearance. In addition, the iPhone 13 also has a significantly thinner body when placed on the scale with its predecessor (7.7 mm and 8.3 mm). Not only that, but the device is also 20g lighter than the iPhone 11.

This year, the Apple brand has blown a youthful breeze for users when bringing 5 distinct colors to the iPhone 13: red, white, black, blue, and pink. The pink color is expected to be the highlight of this super product and make women fall in love with no way out. iPhone 11 again owns up to 6 colors, 1 more color than its successor, including: yellow, purple, red, black, green, and white.

2. Screen of iPhone 11 vs 13

The iPhone 13 also has a few points that are superior in screen quality to the iPhone 11. First of all, the brightness of the device hits the 800 nit mark, significantly higher than the 625 nit figure on its predecessor. When you own an iPhone 13, you will also experience a higher resolution of 2,532 x 1,170 pixels, surpassing 1,792 x 828 pixels on the iPhone 11.

 iPhone 11 vs 13

As mentioned above, the iPhone 13 screen has a more compact notch with modern OLED technology, so the display quality of the device will of course be superior to the IPS LCD panel of the iPhone 11.

3. Performance and 5G connectivity

iPhone 13 also supports the same modern 5G connection technology as the previous generation iPhone 12, in order to provide high and stable internet speed. This is exactly what the 2-year-old iPhone 11 is currently not equipped with. In terms of performance, this year the A15 Bionic processor integrated into the iPhone 13 has taken the throne of the biggest chip in the smartphone market. In addition, it is also manufactured on the 5 nm process, so it will bring a stronger task processing speed than the A13 Bionic chip present on the iPhone 11 series.

 iPhone 11 vs 13

Moreover, the flagship 2021 will show even more advantages when you fight terrible graphics games or use high-configuration tasks such as video editing. However, the A13 Bionic chip is still stable and usable. And yet, another notable improvement in the performance of the device is in the 16-core Neural engine found in the iPhone 13. This is an outstanding number compared to only 8 cores on the iPhone 11. This is a bright spot. Price helps elevate all tasks like image signal processing or Live Text camera on iOS 15.

4. RAM capacity and internal memory

This is also an element that we cannot ignore in this fiery iPhone 11 vs 13 comparison. RAM plays a large role in the operation of the iPhone. Therefore, it is also considered as important as the microprocessor. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 11 duo are both equipped with the same 4GB of RAM, providing super-genuine multitasking capabilities.

In terms of capacity, the minimum capacity model that iPhone 13 owns has been increased to 128GB, not 64GB as before. On the other hand, iPhone 11 has the lowest memory version of 64GB. In addition, the iPhone launched in 2021 is also offered a variety of other memory options: 256GB and 512GB. iPhone 11 also proved to be no less competitive when owning more 128GB and 256GB versions.

5. Camera of iPhone 11 vs 13

Is this a prerequisite for the iPhone 13 to turn on the iPhone 11? First of all, the iPhone 2021 favored by Apple offers the main camera capable of capturing light up to 47% better than all previous generations. In addition, the main sensor of the iPhone 13 is also integrated with sensor-shift anti-shake technology (Sensor-Shift OIS). This is a feature that in the past appeared exclusively on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Therefore, of course, the iPhone 11 does not have this.

Besides, the aperture on the iPhone 13 main lens is f/1.6. The main camera of the iPhone 11 has an aperture of f/1.8. Therefore, the quality of photos taken in terms of the latest iPhone version will definitely surpass its older brother.

6. Battery and charger

 iPhone 11 vs 13

iPhone 11 launched 2 years ago owns a 3,110 mAh battery. This is enough to meet user needs in a day of use. We still don’t know the exact battery capacity of the iPhone 13. However, according to Apple, the device will have 2.5 hours longer use time than the iPhone 12. So definitely in this regard, between iPhone 11 vs 13, the iPhone 13 also surpasses the iPhone 11.

7. Fast charging technology

Of course, when it comes to battery capacity, the fast charging technology element is certainly something that should not be missed when comparing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 13. Both products have built-in fast charging features that are extremely cool and present. modern day. This is exactly what every user needs in today’s technologically advanced age.

8. The price of iPhone 11 vs 13

Absolutely the price of the iPhone 13 is higher than iPhone 11. Currently, ₹ 64,900 is the price you need to pay for purchasing iPhone 11 and ₹ 79,900 is for iPhone 13. This difference between the price of the iPhone 11 vs 13 is not too big, but it is worth it so you have to consider a lot before deciding to buy

Should buying iPhone 13 or iPhone 11 be enough?

After comparing iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 in all factors, I found that this duo deserves to be the most worth buying iPhones in 2022 for you. iPhone 13 is considered an upgraded and more complete version than iPhone 11 in all factors such as performance, camera, screen, functionality, and especially advanced 5G connectivity.

Therefore, according to my personal feelings, if you are a person with abundant finances and like to experience the most trendy technologies today, you should choose iPhone 13 without waiting any longer. On the contrary, if you like a moderately priced product that comes with solid performance, the iPhone 11 is definitely worth it.


Overall, iPhone 13 is a major upgrade to iPhone 11, from design, configuration, and camera to accompanying features and especially 5G connectivity. If given the choice, I would definitely spend more money to upgrade to my latest iPhone.