Best Things To Do In Hurghada, Egypt

The city of Hurghada has year long sunshine, incredible beaches and countless exciting attractions for all ages to explore. Ideally located at the side of the Red Sea, Hurghada makes for a perfect holidaying destination. Here, we take a look at some of the best things to do in Hurghada.

Best Things To Do In Hurghada

1. Giftun Islands

Giftun Island Tours in Hurghada – Get Egypt Tours

The Giftun Islands are one of Hurghada’s most popular boat excursions, with prime swaths of white sand to soak up the rays, and snorkeling opportunities galore on offer. For those who aren’t scuba diving enthusiasts, the easily accessed coral reefs surrounding the island shore are an excellent taster of the Red Sea’s beauty. Snorkeling or even just paddling close to shore, you can spot plenty of fish life flitting through the clear water. Those not interested in underwater exploits can simply claim a palm-frond shelter on the beach, sit back, and enjoy the sun.

2. Hurghada Marina

Hurghada Marina Boulevard - Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam -

Hurghada Marina is a rather swish and modern addition to the central district of Sigala and the town’s major dining destination. At sunset, this is the place to promenade while soaking up the last of the evening light before heading to one of the many cafés or restaurants for a meal. Dining with views over the bobbing yachts and the Red Sea stretching to the horizon can’t be beaten.

3. Straits of Gubal

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Egypt’s Straits of Gubal, a narrow strip of water squeezed between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula, is one of the country’s major diving destinations and is easily accessed from Hurghada. This strait’s vast coral pinnacles have proved a tricky customer for seafarers trying to navigate through here across the centuries, and today, it is renowned for its wreck diving. Egypt’s most famous wreck, The Thistlegorm (a WWII cargo ship that French diver Jacques Cousteau discovered while exploring the area in the 1950s) is among the strait’s many dive sites.

4. Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Skip the Line: Hurghada Grand Aquarium Entrance Ticket 2021

For tourists who are not particularly passionate about watersports but still enjoy the beauty of the sea, the Hurghada Grand Aquarium offers an experience of the marine life of the Red Sea. Visitors can get a closer look at the attractive sea life, all well preserved and properly showcased. Just north of the public hospital, the aquarium has a fascinating selection of fish and other marine creatures that will appeal to the the little ones, just as much as to adults.

5. Abdulmoneim Riadh Mosque

Abdel Moneim Riad Mosque Hurghada Things to Do in Hurghada Trips in Egypt

Dubbed the Big Mosque, this architectural marvel stands tall on its own, offering tourists the unique opportunity of connecting with the culture and daily life of the beach town. With a classic Islamic architectural make-up and an intricate design, this mosque is ideally located between the main street and the ocean. The minarets can be seen from long distances, and its arches, domes and hallways feature delicate carvings details. What’s more, every day, the call to prayer can be heard resonating from within the mosque’s walls.

6. Sindbad Submarine


If you don’t want to get your feet wet, this tourist submarine — the only one operating on the Red Sea — takes passengers down to a depth of 22 meters under the water for a peek at the Red Sea’s abundant coral and fish life, all without even putting a toe in the sea. Trips take about one hour, and although they don’t go very far offshore where the better coral can be viewed, for non-swimmers, it provides an opportunity to see the magical world below the surface.

7. The Church of St. Mary

This church was founded in 2008 and is the first evangelical church in the Red Sea. The establishment has already started working with children in need, such as impoverished and sick children, offering them hope, a family and a chance for a better future. With an interesting architecture and a warm atmosphere, this little church in the heart of Hurghada is something you will never expect to experience in Egypt.

8. Bedouin Barbeque in the Egyptian Desert

Bedouin BBQ in the Egyptian Desert by 4x4 2021 - Hurghada

It’s not just water that Egypt has to offer, as its deserts are equally charming and magical. This organized tour takes brave ones on a 4×4 adventure safari through the missing parts of Egypt: its deserts and oases. Just a one-hour drive by jeep through the desert brings tourists to the starting point of their tour, where they can meet Bedouins, learn about their way of living and witness the fascinating moment when the sun sets over the Egyptian desert, all as they feast on a Bedouin BBQ dinner.