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Best Restaurants In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known to be the most populated and busiest city of Israel. A big part of Tel Aviv is the culinary experience; wherever you are in the city, you come across a wide variety of restaurants. This vibrant and modern city is reputed for its gourmet cuisine with an Israeli touch. If you are gourmand and up to taste something new don’t miss out on these must-try gourmet restaurants in Tel Aviv, the culinary capital of Israel.

Best Restaurants In Tel Aviv

1. Double Standard

Double Standard — Tel-Aviv - nightlife - Recommendations by locals - Cool Cousin

To understand the scope of Tel Aviv’s burgeoning cocktail scene, look no further than this dapper bar located on a mellower stretch of busy Dizengoff Street that caters to the cocktail-curious and -savvy alike. Never-before-seen concoctions with house-made mixers and kooky presentations (vessels include giant egg shells and even a bloody mary served in an IV bag) have made happy hour a scene. There’s even a cocktail delivery service, ensuring spot-on mojitos and margaritas anywhere in the city — even the beach.

2. Claro

Located in the Sarona Compound, Claro is a farm-to-table restaurant with a cozy and welcoming vibe. Chef Ran Shmueli, one of Israel’s most well-loved chefs, celebrates fresh local produce with creative ingredients, a big open-kitchen, a tabun (brick oven) and fresh fish, meat, chicken and handmade-pasta and breads. The bar seating around the open kitchen is the perfect spot to soak in the atmosphere, and get a good view of this beautiful restaurant.

3. Taizu

Taizu - The Levee, Fine Stays Tel Aviv

It’s no surprise that Taizu earned one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv for 2 years in a row (and other accolades the years before) with their “Asiaterranean” cuisine, an extensive, seafood-heavy menu of small plates, amazing flavor combinations and consistent craftsmanship. Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s restaurant is one of the best in town, and Pastry Chef Ana Shapiro’s desserts are in a league of their own thanks to a fusion of savory, sweet and unique ingredients like curry, saffron and other surprisingly harmonious spices.

4. Alena

The Norman Hotel has established itself as one of the most sophisticated hotels in Israel, known for its high standards and world-class restaurants. The newest culinary addition is Alena, serving up local cuisine with influences from the Mediterranean. Alena showcases an approachable dining style with the same unbeatable standard that The Norman is known for. The Norman restaurant was a high-end brasserie that was majorly successful, but Alena–named after the wife of Norman Luria, the person behind the hotel–promises to be just as incredible, but more accessible and less formal.

5. Port Said 

Port Said, Tel Aviv, Israel - FoodCrafters

If you are looking for a restaurant that represents Tel Aviv, this is it. With its hipster atmosphere and delicious take on middle-eastern food, this is the perfect place to chill and meet friends after a hard day at work, or playing matkot on the beach. The menu changes daily and includes sharing portions of freshly-sourced local food, served with spoonfuls of tehina. We recommend their minute steak and chicken liver!

6. Topolopompo

This unique and succulent Asian fusion restaurant simply cannot be captured in words. From the moment you enter and read the flavorful menu, you will stay longer than anticipated and leave more satisfied than ever before. A highly recommended option is to have the chef surprise you with his choice of dishes, each with a variety of flavors and innovative ingredients. The ‘fire table’ is also a popular choice with diners, as it lets you cook the main meal yourself. Each meal is remarkably designed and delicious, and will leave you wanting more.

7. North Abraxas

This restaurant has a creative way of serving its dishes; everything is served on a piece of cardboard and even paper bags. You will probably be eating off the paper table cloth, but don’t worry: everyone is doing it at Abraxas. The menu changes daily depending on the fresh produce, but there is always a wide variety of options, from meat to fish, and their speciality, the oven-baked cauliflower. Whether you are sitting at the bar where you can watch the chefs in action, or at a table, you will feel the entertaining atmosphere. If you don’t want to end your night too early, you can enjoy a bite or a cocktail at the interconnecting bar and dance it off with the hippest DJs of Tel Aviv.