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Best Restaurants In Chicago

With a consistent dedication to using local, seasonal ingredients, this refined list of the best restaurants in Chicago guarantees a unique, delectable and eclectic dining experience.

With impressive skyline views, artistic flair and relentlessly innovative chefs, the difficulty in Chicago is not in finding a world-class restaurant, but choosing between them. The city has 22 Michelin-starred restaurants, including three two-star restaurants and one with three stars.

From the world-class Alinea to the ultra-modern Smyth & The Loyalist, Chicago’s fine dining establishments are sure to find favor with discerning gourmands.

Best Restaurants In Chicago

1. Superdawg Drive-In

After 72 Years, Chicago's Only Drive-in Restaurant Trudges On - Eater  Chicago

Superdawg’s founders, Maurie and Flaurie Berman, stand guard over this venerable Chicago drive-in; customers can spot those giant hot dog statues bearing their likenesses from miles away at the intersection of Devon, Nagle, and Milwaukee. Superdawg is a throwback dining experience where customers park their cars and talk to staff through crackling drive-in speakers and carhops bring out trays of food. Superdawg’s offering isn’t a traditional Chicago-style dog, but it is a tradition. It uses a proprietary, thick, all-beef sausage that comes with mustard, pickled green tomato, and chopped Spanish onions. This is all cradled in a box of crinkle fries.