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Best Hair Colors For Men

You seldom see men coloring their hair, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. Hair color is for everyone, and that includes you. Yes, you, the dude who’s buttoning up his polo and styling his hair with some wax to look smart and dapper at work. If you want to take a break from your black tresses, go ahead and dye your hair. Want to know the best hair colors for men? Here are some ideas that will spice up your ‘do. Whether you want a subtle change or you’re ready for a bold move, we have ideas for you.

Best Hair Colors For Men

1. Blonde Highlights

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New to the world of hair coloring? If you don’t want to color your entire hair, you can just dye portions and let them blend with your natural hair. Blonde against black hair creates a striking contrast and makes you a head-turner.

2. Ash Brown

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A trendy Filipino hair color, ash brown is a medium shade of brown with a tinge of gray. It borders between light and medium brown, so if you want to simply dip your toes in the medium hair color spectrum, ash brown is your best bet. It goes well with either a neat comb over hairstyle or a playful textured ‘do.

3. Red Brown

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This color adds a fiery touch to your hair without making your hairstyle too loud. Put it on medium-length hair or complement it with a curtain hairstyle so the color will be appreciated more.

4. Ash Gray

Ash gray is one of the best hair colors for men. Rock an edgy look with ash gray hair. Go for light ash gray if you want some contrast with your dark hair. Pair it with messy or textured hairstyles to create a hip and youthful look.

5. Bronde

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This shade is the product of brown and blonde mixed together. Bronde is a medium shade of brown that can suit any skin tone. It’s dark enough to blend seamlessly with your dark hair but can cast a soft glow especially when hit by the sun. If you’re on the fence about dyeing your hair light, bronde is a great color to start with.

6. Neutral Dark Blonde

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Blonde strands look better on light skinned men or those with a cool complexion, and so the neutral blonde will also look good on males with similar complexions.

If you have dark brown eyes, this will be an added advantage for the look since this eye color will stand out against a dark blonde mane. The best hair texture for this color is medium because fine or too thick hair will not look very attractive.

7. The Green Hair

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Green hair is a very good idea especially for people who like to keep the top section of the head longer or those who like to wear hairstyles such as the pompadour and the Mohawk.

You can use any green tone, but light green seems to work much better especially if you are wearing a pompadour. The sides and back should be faded and left in their natural color. Medium to dark complexion men will look best in this color.

8. Orange Hair Color

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Brighten up things with this orange hair color. Orange is very bright, and so you have to be sure with the particular look you want to pull otherwise you will not like the attention that you draw to yourself with this color.

Due to its brightness, it can be used to conceal or draw attention from a haircut, hairstyle or from any facial features you do not wish to expose. The good idea is to go all orange from top to back and sides.

9. The Rainbow

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If you want something that will draw some attention to you or make you stand out from the rest, you should try the rainbow color combination.

As the name suggests, this hair color is a combination of numerous colors, but you do not have to use all the seven rainbow colors.

You can have three or more colors on your hair with each color occupying a particular section of the head, or the colors can be used to form some pattern on the head. However, it is important not to overdo things because you can end up looking like a clown.

10. Pink Purple Hairs

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Pink purple hair color will give you a gothic look that is quite incredible if you know how to style your hair to go with the style and also know how to dress the look.

The only shortcoming with this hair color is that many stylists do not know how to combine the colors well and so in most cases it will look like plain purple or pink. If you get the right color, then you will look fabulous.

Men with round and oval faces with medium thick hair texture are best suited to this style.