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Best Foods In Belarus

Belarusian national cuisine has evolved over the centuries. Belarusian culinary traditions represent a mix of simple recipes used by commoners and a sophisticated cuisine of the nobility, an extensive use of local ingredients and unusual way of cooking. Here are the best foods in Belarus.

The Best Foods In Belarus

1. Draniki

Draniki – The National Dish of Belarus Potato Fritter/ Pancake -  International Cuisine

Draniki (potato pancakes) is the most typical dish found in Belarus cuisine and the most popular. Draniki’s main ingredients are grated potatoes and onions though some recipes also include meat, bacon, mushrooms and cheese. They’re generally served with sour cream. You can find draniki in most Belarusian restaurants as well as many fast food stalls.

2. Kletski

Another famous Belarusian dish is kletski – boiled flour balls filled with meat. This dish is similar to Polish pierogi and Russian pelmeni, but kletski are bigger and crescent-shaped. Kletski can be eaten on their own with roasted onions and sour cream or can be added to soup.

3. Zhurek

foods in Belarus

Typical for both Poland and Belarus, zhurek is a soup made of oats and dark bread. Cooks place the oats and bread mixture in a warm place for three days and then filter it before mixing it with meat, vegetables and garlic. The soup is then cooked low and slow.

4. Machanka

Machanka is both a soup and a stew that consists of homemade sausages, bouillon and thick pancakes which are dipped into the finished bouillon. This traditional dish is typically served on Maslenitsa, a holiday of pagan origins that is still celebrated today in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

5. Borscht

Beetroot is the main ingredient in Belarus borscht as well as meat, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions. Belarusian borscht is not as fatty and spicy as the Ukrainian version and has more vegetables than the Polish version. Belarus restaurants typically serve borscht with sour cream and dark bread.

Many Belarus restaurants also serve a cold borscht in the summer months with precooked beets, eggs, fresh greens and cucumbers. The cold version has chopped ingredients and kefir, a refreshing, fermented dairy drink.

6. Kasha

Buckwheat kasha (Гречневая каша) - a traditional slow oven recipe

Kasha in Belarus is served as both a side dish and as a main course. In Belarus, kasha is any kind of grain boiled in water or milk. Due to its popularity in Eastern European countries kasha is also available as a ‘stand alone’ dish. The most popular kasha in Belarus uses buckwheat but other types of grains like wheat or barley can be used as well.

7. Babka

foods in Belarus

Babka is one of the potato-based popular foods in Belarus. It’s warming, filling, and a much-loved food throughout the country. Itt is a potato bake, with a range of different ingredients. Commonly, fried lard and onions are added to a mixture of grated potatoes. From there, a wide range of meats is added. Some Belarusians love to add bacon, while others prefer minced beef. Babka can be baked in an ordinary deep frying pan or in a clay pot. Baked in a clay pot, the aromas and flavors are enhanced. It’s a delight to taste.