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Best Foods In Azerbaijan

The foods in Azerbaijan blends regional influences from Iran, Turkey and the Mediterranean. Dishes tend to be meat-based, especially mutton, with recipes passed down generations to give distinct flavours. If you’re visiting Azerbaijan, sample some of these traditional meals.

Best Foods In Azerbaijan

1. Plov

Flavor of Baku

One of the most famous and widespread Azeri food, Plov is a classic Azerbaijan food preparation featuring saffron-flavoured rice, cooked using meat, onions, prunes, dry fruits, eggs, and fresh herbs. Brace yourself – Azerbaijan has more than 40 different Plov recipes!

2. Dolma

Yet another traditional recipe from Azerbaijan cuisine, Dolma is a delectable Azeri food prepared using rice mixed with minced lamb, mint, cinnamon and fennel wrapped in cabbage leaves or vine leaves! The vast majority of all Baku restaurants serve this dish!

3. Kebab

Kebab is a favourite of Azerbaijan cuisine, having similarities to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Various kinds of seasoned meat and vegetables are skewered and barbequed. If you go for a meal with a local, more likely than not, you’ll have a kebab.

Lyulya Kebab is a particular type of kebab that consists of mouth-watering barbequed minced lamb on skewers.

4. Halva

foods in Azerbaijan

If you have travelled around Eastern Europe and the Middle East, you’ve probably tasted halva. Azerbaijan’s version is different and is produced only in the mountainous region of Sheki. Few people know the secret recipe for this sugary confectionery, making it somewhat unique to the area.

5. Kufta Bozbash

Large meatballs boiled into a delicious broth with potatoes, peas and mutton bones make Kufta Bozbash one of the national soups of Azerbaijan. Depending on the region, chefs add different types of ingredients and spices to the broth, and sometimes include a dried plum.

6. Roast Chicken

Walk around the streets of Baku and you’ll probably pass a few shops barbequing and roasting chicken. Roast chicken costs a few dollars and is wrapped in thin sheets of bread with a handful of raw onions. Locals take away and eat at home.

7. Dushbara

Azerbaijan Dushbara | Azerbaijani

Azerbaijan’s version of dumplings, dushbara, are small balls of stuffed dough served in a lamb broth. Typical fillings include minced meat, tomatoes and onions served with dried mint, wine vinegar and garlic.

8. Buckwheat

Buckwheat makes a great alternative to grains and rice. The heavy, carbohydrate-rich food can be eaten for breakfast or served in a large bowl in the centre of the table.

9. Lavangi

foods in Azerbaijan

Lavangi is a favourite food in Azerbaijan. Walnuts, dried fruit and onions are stuffed inside either chicken or fish and roasted to create a tantalising fusion of flavours. You’ll find this Azeri dish in southern Azerbaijan, especially in Lankaran.

10. Motal Pendiri

The white cheese, made from the milk of either goats or sheep, originates in the Caucasus Mountains. It tastes a little like feta. Motal Pendiri matures inside sheepskin and is hung to dry for several days. Eat in small amounts and expect an intense flavour.

11. Buglama

foods in Azerbaijan

Buglama is a popular Azerbaijani and Georgian dish consisting of lamb pieces that are stewed with onions, tomatoes, peppers, a variety of spices including black pepper and bay leaves, and a small amount of liquid. The name of the dish means steamed, referring to the fact that the lamb is cooked in its own juices. Although lamb is the most common option, it is not unusual to prepare buglama with fish.

12. Qutab

Qutab is one of the most famous foods in Azerbaijan. Similar in shape to a quesadilla, qutab is made with paper-thin dough, stuffed with a variety of ingredients, folded, and usually baked in saj, a traditional Azerbaijani frying pan.

Three of the most common fillings are meat (lamb being the national favorite), a mixture of green vegetables, and squash. Most commonly it is consumed in between meals, as a nutritious snack. Before qutab is served, it is usually cut into smaller triangles and garnished with sumac, parsley, pomegranate seeds, or chopped walnuts. Traditionally, a glass of yogurt is served alongside this Azerbaijani delicacy.

13. Badambura

Badambura is a popular Azerbaijani pastry consisting of several layers of flaky dough filled with almonds, sugar, and ground cardamom. It is usually brushed with egg wash and baked until it develops a golden-brown color. This flavorful dessert is traditionally prepared for the spring holiday called Novruz, although it can be consumed throughout the year. The name of the dish is derived from the words badam, meaning almond, and bura, meaning pie.