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Best Coffee Shops In Seoul, South Korea

In Seoul, boutique coffee shops rule the day here. New coffee shops are constantly opening up to serve locals their caffeine fix. Each store has its own little quirks and charms so you’ll have to explore a bit to find a shop that suits your taste. But don’t stress, we’ve done all the exploring for you. Which means you can just head straight to the sweet, caffeinated coffee source. Here are the best coffee shops in Seoul you should not miss.

Best Coffee Shops In Seoul, South Korea

1. Namusairo

Café Namusairo | Restaurants in Jongno-gu, Seoul

Namusairo does everything right. From the coffees to the entire customer experience, Namusairo has it figured out. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted right away by a barista. They are more than happy to help walk you through their menu and make a recommendation for you.

They are known for the espresso, which you can enjoy while sitting in the small outdoor seating section.

2. Caffe Themselves

One of the prime spots for Seoul millennials to hit up is Caffe Themselves. With three levels for them to hang out coupled with a wide variety of caffeinated beverages, why not?

Despite having three levels, this place is often packed to the max! Caffe Themselves offer a discount on coffees that are to-go orders because of the large crowds that come here.

Come here for your morning brew and take it to go and enjoy that discount.

3. Anthracite Coffee Roasters

Anthracite Coffee Roasters (Hapjeong Branch) | 앤트러사이트 합정점 : TRIPPOSE

A local roaster and café with several branches in Seoul, Anthracite Coffee Roasters is as loved as it is respected because of the care and attention it pays to all stages of the coffee-making process. You could say that the folks behind the brand all have doctorate degrees in coffee, whether they specialise in roasting or the extraction process. Not only does Anthracite serve its concoctions in-house; other restaurants, cafés, and bars also carry their signature beans — so don’t be surprised if you see their logo around the city.

4. Felt Coffee

Straightforward satisfaction brought about by a perfect cuppa joe — this is what Felt Coffee is all about. Though bare, their minimalist interiors effectively uncomplicate the coffee drinking experience. They do away with all the layers of cramped seating, yellow lighting, and power outlets that will only encourage you to turn on your laptop and let your brew sit past its best hour.

Much like Anthracite, Felt Coffee takes pride in immersing themselves in the coffee-making process, from selecting speciality green beans from reputable farmers to tapping the right roaster for the job.

5. Fritz Coffee Company

FRITZ COFFEE COMPANY - Best Coffee Shops In Seoul

Fritz Coffee Company is known for their great coffees, stellar baristas, excellent customer service, and merchandise to buy. They also have a very large selection of baked goods to eat with your coffee.

If you enjoy a French baguette and a dark roast coffee, Fritz’s is the place for you.

6. C27 Cheesecake and Coffee

This place is a mega cafe set over 4 stories featuring unique sculptures and quirky features on all floors (think mini-ferris wheels and giant forks and saucers). We also liked it because one side of it is completely open so it’s perfect for a spring/summer’s day! And, of course, the cheesecakes are delicious. They’re seriously yummy, we went for the camembert one and it did not disappoint! This is definitely the place to satisfy your sweet tooth 🙂 Prices start from £6 and they’re open daily from 11am-12am.

7. Baesan Warehouse Cafe

Daelim Warehouse Cafe 대림창고 – Best Coffee Shops In Seoul

As the name suggests, this is a huge warehouse cafe. If you can imagine squishing together a cool cafe and a contemporary art gallery together then you’ve got it! Maybe you want to have a coffee and a bite to eat or perhaps you just want to stop by to peruse all the artwork that lines the walls, the choice is yours. They even have an original Banksy up on the second floor. If you want to get those creative juices flowing then this is the perfect hang-out spot for you. Open daily between 11am-11pm.

8. Daelim Changgo CO:LUMN

This place is crazy awesome. It’s a huge empty warehouse with all the industrial vibes, rugged installations and a small gallery at the front, and they’ve got great pizza! Come here if you love Brooklyn. There’s also a really quirky concept store opposite called Supy (su;py) that’s worth a visit. Mains start from about £10 and they’re open daily from 11am-11pm.