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Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

Here are the best coffee shops in Seattle, from the city’s native juggernaut, Starbucks, to the most quaint, precious pour-over stands this side of the Cascades. Anyone seeking the latest, buzziest additions should check out the Seattle Coffee Heatmap (which features cafes that opened over the past six months), but this guide is for the city’s most tried-and-true jolts for every palate, from widely acclaimed roasters to seasoned latte artists, from growing local chains to single location mom-and-pops. Sip and enjoy.

Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

Café Allegro

Café Allegro - Wikipedia

A U-district gem nestled in the alleyway covered by climbing ivy behind Magnus Books, Café Allegro is a friendly, stylish place to meet up with friends and grab a coffee. They’ve got a hidden upstairs area where you can sit on their terrace in the summer, as well as a cozy, intimate downstairs. It’s a finely aged coffeehouse, dating back to 1975, and they serve quality drip coffee as well as a myriad of other tasty hot beverages.

Herkimer Coffee

This mini chain is home to some of the best coffee in Seattle. The Phinney Ridge, Ravenna, and South Lake Union shops, along with a new Belltown outpost, are open for to-go orders, while the roaster is selling whole bean blends and single-origin bags, as well as subscriptions online.

Watson’s Counter

Korean-American restaurant Watson's Counter opening on 15th – My Ballard

Ballard’s Korean cafe serves wonderful coffee and Instagram-worthy French toast, which has the perfect combination of crunchiness and sweetness thanks to a cereal-coated crust (options include Fruity Pebbles or Frosted Flakes). But the roasts are truly stellar, and the flavored lattes are well-crafted without going too heavy on the sugar. Open for pickup and local delivery.

Hangry Panda

Aurora Avenue’s newest bubble tea shop has some delightful drinks on offer (including the Panda Milk tea with black sesame seeds and cream cheese-based salted milk caps). There’s also a robust menu of excellent gluten-free snacks, including spicy chicken teriyaki, minced pork rice, fried chicken skin, and waffle fries.

Musashi Newsroom

This hybrid cafe and sushi restaurant opened recently at 1448 NW Market Street, an offshoot of the local mini chain with locations in Fremont, Bellevue, and the International District. There are 14 different rolls available on the short menu, plus two musubi options, and roasts are from Shoreline’s fair trade-focused co-op Equal Exchange.

Moonshot Coffee

Musashi Newsroom replaces Equal Exchange on 15th and Market – My Ballard

The sophomore effort from the owners of beloved Burien Press comes in the form of this simple shop dedicated to espresso drinks. Barely bigger than a hallway, it pairs the warmth and coziness of its size with big windows and plenty of plants for alluring Instagram aesthetics. Brewing Olympia Coffee Roasters beans, Moonshot’s staff are among the best in town, making small talk as they expertly pull the shots. Along with the espresso standards, the menu offers seasonal mixed drink options, like the mapleine mocha and horchata cold brew latte, and pastries from Olympia’s Left Bank Pastry.

Ghost Note Coffee

It can be easy to write off coffee mixed drinks as a fad tangential to the focus on beans and expert craftsmanship, but Ghost Note proves why that’s a terrible idea. All drinks here start with single-origin beans, with even the brewed coffee made on a modified espresso machine. The menu features bean options and tasting notes that would help both a newbie and a nerd find their favorite flavors. But the specialties of the house are on the following page, which features seasonal offerings like a flight of vegan drinking chocolate with espresso and signature drinks like the Sun Ship: espresso mixed with smoked grapefruit rosemary syrup, coconut water, lime, and sparkling water, served in a martini glass with torched rosemary. This is one of the best coffee shops in Seattle you must try.

Trabant Coffee and Chai

Trabant Coffee & Chai (closed) in Seattle

Another U-district favorite, Trabant Coffee and Chai serves excellent coffee alternatives to Starbucks and has reliable Wi-Fi. Serving hot drinks like the ‘Mexican Mocha’ and ‘Double Espresso’, it offers the typical coffeehouse drinks, but also provides a few nice twists with homemade syrups. It also serves a variety of decent teas, including the ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ and ‘Yerba Mate.’

Zeitgeist Coffee

Right by King Street Station where Amtrak stops in Seattle, Zeitgeist is not only convenient, but is a quality place to get coffee. Besides delicious coffee, they serve killer breakfast sandwiches to begin your day with. The place is large and open, with picture windows to sit at and people watch, or maybe read a copy of the Stranger.